Petrol Pump License Cost

How can I apply for a petrol pump license ? Today in this article we are going to to give you the brief information how you can get petrol pump license and what are the cost you are going to pay for getting the license. Applying and getting license of a petrol pump in your name is one of the leading business projects at the moment in India . There are certain qualifications that must to be fulfilled in for getting the license of a petrol pump in India so that there is less issues relating to the government requirements

 There are many concerns like the licence approval process the operating of the expenses of the fuel station the land and the plot measurements. Many of the people do not know the procedure to get the licence of petrol pump in their City or state because of the inaccurate information they do not know the actual procedure . In this article, wee will provide you the the easiest process to get the licence of a petrol pump. Different oil firms, such as Hindustan Petroleum (HPCL), Bharat Petroleum (BPCL), Indian Oil (IOCL), Essar Oil or any other oil company, offer their dealership to the interested candidates who have the licence to run the petrol pump.

License Fee for Petrol Pump

Currently, the license fee for petrol pump costs around INR 18/KL for Motor Spirit and INR 16/KL for High-Speed Diesel for dealer owned “B” / “DC” site Retail Outlets and INR 48/KL for Motor Speed and INR 41/KL for High-Speed Diesel for a corporation owned “A” / “CC” site Retail Outlets.

Application Fees for Petrol Pump

The application fee is INR 100/- for rural retail outlets and INR 1000/- for regular retail outlets.  SC/ST candidate can get 50% concession on the application fee, if they have the proper documentation. You have to pat the application fee in the form of Demand Draft . The application fee is non-refundable. One applicant can apply for one location only. In the case of Dealer Owned / Company leased sites- you have to pay a non-refundable fixed fee of INR 5 lakhs for rural retail outlets and INR 15 lakhs for regular retail outlets. In the case of Corporation Owned Sites – You have to pay a non-refundable bidding amount of INR 10 lakhs for rural retail outlets and INR 30 lakhs for regular retail outlets.

A new dealer selection process for getting the licence of petrol pump has been introduced in order to promote consistency for the fanchises of Oil marketing companies. In the new company procedure the candidate will be tested first for the eligibility e if they pass the eligibility of getting the dealership then only then they will be asked for their petrol pump licence.

For applying to get the licence of petrol pump the candidates must fulfill the below conditions:

Candidate should be of notified age

There should be no other petrol pump nearby 5 KM to the place candidate is applying for.

Candidate's land should be on road

Candidate should have security money Candidate should have proper papers of the land as well as the his/ her own papers for verification.

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