Petrol Pump Income Per month

Ok now you have applied for Petrol pump dealership and you got your license what about the earnings? Did you ever things how much you going to earn after getting the dealership of Petrol pump? Let us talk about the Petrol Pump Income Per month your going to get from the dealership .

Location of the pump is very important when it comes to understand the income you will get . If you are choosing to open the pump in the city, it will be better to open it some place there is no other pump in that locality or atleast find a location where there is no petrol pump in near of 5 - 7 one of area. Opening a new pump there will definitely draw more customers. In case you are choosing the outskirts or choosing to start the pump close to Highway routes, that would also be more lucrative. Highways do not have a lot of settlements close by which is why it is also safer and will always get commercial customers.

We will brief you the Petrol Pump Income Per month in detail

Generally, the profit you are going to earn for petrol is Rs 1.8 for selling 1 litre of petrol and Rs 1.2 for selling 1 litre of diesel. But looking at this earning per litre of petrol or diesel you will find it is a low margin business but if you are having your petrol pump at a prime location just think about how much litres of petrol you are going to fill everyday. You can generate a good business profit payment on daily basis.

Let’s do the calculations how much you can be earning per month.:

PARTICULARS.                                  Diesel                    Petrol                  Total

Average sales per month 300000 Litre       250000 Litre       550000 Litre

Your commission per litre              Rs 1.2/litre          Rs 1.8/litre          Rs 3.0/litre

Gross earning                                   Rs 3,60,000         Rs 450,000          Rs 810,000 per month


Staff Salary – 15 staff                                    Rs 1,50,000 monthly

If rented property                                           Rs 30,000 monthly

Electricity Bill                                                   Rs 15,000 monthly

Miscellaneous expenses per month          Rs 15,000 monthly

Average product lost in transportation,   Rs 65,000 monthly

Total expenses monthly                                Rs 3,05,000

Net profit                                                         Rs 5,05,000 Monthly

Above chart is average calculation of the Petrol Pump Income Per month and earning from it you are going to get on the survey basis. Net profit also depends on location of petrol pump because if it is in urban city areas then sale of petrol will be more as compared to diesels. If it is installed in a highway then diesel  sale will be more. Your profit margin may jump or may be get a less than this, but you are going to earn a handsome amount surely.

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