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Petrol Pump Dealership

We help you in providing dealership for leading gas companies as supplying agencies across India. So as a client you can have multiple options for which gas company you want to buy or in which company you want to invest. Buying a particular company also involves the options which in encourages the user which comes to that particular store. As talking about the domestic and international market of crude petroleum, it  has a aggressive growth which delivers you the extension with superior financial performance.

Various oil firms like Bharat Petroleum (BPCL), Hindustan Petroleum (HPCL), Essar Oil, Indian Oil or any other oil company offer their dealership to those individuals who are interested in buying. Most of the people do not know what are the processes are there for opening up a petrol pump in there respective city or state. Therefore, we are here with various prospect for opening up petrol pumps in your cities and states which are expected in the upcoming year 2021.

New dealership selection includes the process of promotion to grant license for petrol pump and franchise by various oil companies. The process includes with checking the eligibility against pre-establishment criteria. Following up with the next process which includes the selection for dealership through auction. Scroll down to know the process and eligibility which includes to get petrol pump dealership.

Petrol pump dealership cost

The minimum amount starts from 10,00,000 to maximum of 25,00,000 is required for the dealership in rural and standard areas. As per the regulations for getting the dealership you can have the funds in form of saving account,  bank/ registered companies , bonds or postal scheme or having securities in listed companies. If you are having shares, bonds or mutual funds , the eligibility will be consider only for 60% of the total value.

Loan for new petrol pump

For getting loan for a new petrol pump the fuel retailer must have to maintain a steady operating income in their business. The company should be GST registered with and operational history of at least one year. The financial turnover should be at least of 20 lacs. We can help you in providing alone facility through us. Here are some important takeaways:

> These loans will be collateral free

> That loan tenure will arrange is between 9 months to 18 months.

> Easy and quick top ups and the renewals facilities available

> Low on processing fees

> Lowest in terms of EMI

Essar petrol pump dealership

Do you want start your enterprise with Essar petrol pump dealership.? This article deals with a review in which you will get to know the manual to "how to get Essar petrol pump dealership". Currently Nayara Energy owns the functions at 4800 plus Essar gas retail outlet.

> The Essar petrol franchise requires space greater than 800 square metres in city and 1200 square metres on highways. 

HP Petrol pump dealership

Hindustan petroleum corporation limited (HPCL) is a government of india controlled navratan oil and gas company which headquarter is in Mumbai. Eligibility criteria for applications to get dealership of HPCL are described below :

> He should be a resident of india

>  Age should be minimum of 21 years and not more than 55 years except from freedom fighters under CC2 category

> The applicant should have minimum of 10th standard qualification

> He must have a savings account with bank

> He must have his funds in form of company shares , postal schemes or mutual funds.

> The application fee for Rural HPCL Retail outlet is rupees 100 and for a SC/ST applicant it is 50 rupees.

> For applying regular HPCL retail outlet the application fee is rupees 1000 and for SC/ST category it is rupees 500.

Indian Oil petrol pump dealership

Petrol pump business has been considered one of the leading profit making businesses all time, not only in India but globally as well. The procedure and formalities for opening a Indian Oil petrol pump dealership business is as follows:

> The owner/owners of the petrol pump business must be a Indin citizen.

> The minimum age limit of the applicant is 21 years and the maximum age is 55 years.

> Applicants belonging to the freedom fighter category are exempt from the rules.

> Minimum investment should be of Rs 15 lakh or more is required to get dealership.

> The chosen business location should not fall under any blacklisted zones.

> Once the license is generated , the applicant will need to get a GSTIN number to pay his GST and should have acurrent account with the name of his petrol pump.

Bharat Petrol pump dealership

BPCL has proposed to invite petrol pump dealership to the application, who are willing to set up their petrol pump. Scroll down to know about all the process and eligibility to get Bharat Petrol pump dealership

> Applicant must be a Citizen of India

> If he/ she is n a NRI must live at least 180 days in India before applying for a petroleum pump or retail outlet.

> Applicant must have a minimum age limit of 21 years and maximum of 55 years.

> Must have passed 10th and have a mark sheet proof for verification of date of birth.

> SC / ST / OBC applicants must be the 10th pass, whereas it must be the 12th pass for the general category.

> The minimum amount of Rs 12,00,000 for rural and Rs 25,00,000 is needed for standard dealership.