How to apply for Petrol Pump

If we talk about petrol pump business in india or across globe, this business of petrol pump is undoubtedly very profitable making ventures globally. The mid reason behind the growth of this petrol pump business is never ending demand of crude oil and the increase in the demand of transportation, vehicles and logistics sector with daily commuting purposes. As the profit margin is very high and this business stands amongst the top profit generating business across nation. In this business the paperwork also required are much more than the other sectors the legal formalities and the paperwork required and should be fulfilled accordingly .

The process involved for applying for a petrol pump delearship is not known by many people; therefore let’s discuss some of the important information for doing so.

Eligibility to apply for a Petrol Pump Dealership

The candidate it should be minimum of 21 years and a maximum of 55 years as per the age criteria

The applicant should be a Indian citizen if the applicant is NRI, the applicant should have state in India for more than 182 days.

He should have a minimum qualification of matriculation, he must have 10th class mark sheet. For General category he/she should be 12th pass and for SC/ST/OBC category

For applying for a petrol pump in urban areas the applicant should be a graduate degree.

Minimum investment amount should be Rs. 15 lakh onwards for dealership in rural areas

Maximum investment amount should be Rs 2 crore or more for dealerships in urban areas

Business area should not be in blacklisted or from excluded zones

Applicant should have land under his/her own name or areas where land can be taken on lease. There are two types of retail outlets that can be opened as per the location that are as follows:

For Regular Retails Outlets which should be National and State highways; Urban and Semi-urban areas

For Rural Retail Outlets which should be in rural areas but not on national highways

If we talk about the area appropriate for opening a petrol pump , the land should be of 800 sq. meters to 1200 sq. meters.

Before applying for a petrol pump dealership please also go through the License Cost of Petrol Pump

16/KL for high-speed diesel for ‘B’/’DC’ retail outlets site and Rs. 18/KL for motor spirit

41/KL for high-speed diesel for ‘A’/’CC’ retail outlet site and Rs. 48/KL for motor spirit

To open a petrol pump, an applicant needs to obtain certain certificates and permissions in order to run the dealership without getting any issues further. Below are given some of these certificates required

Location’s Certified copy

No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Licensing Authority

Permission from the Municipal Corporation Department (MCD) & Fire Safety Office

Certification and NOC from related authorities

The location choose for opening the petrol pump is the key aspect in the success or failure of the business. Choose the location accordingly as per the requirement of the dealership policies. A ideal petrol pump should be opened near state highway or national highway, near popular market areas, close to residential area  or corporate areas and along road with higher traffic area. Acquiring the licence in the main process the candidate should go to after obtaining the licence the owner just need to install the petrol pump and oil bunkers as per the according to the OMC’s specifications and guidelines.

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