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CNG Pump Dealership


Hello readers,  today we are sharing how to get CNG Pump Dealership through this article. Also you can find how can you apply online for CNG pump dealership. In this article you will also get the profit margin in CNG pump dealership, IGL CNG pump dealership, CNG pump dealership in India, HPCL CNG pump dealership. CNG, unlike petrol and diesel, is not dependent on crude oil prices. Through this article people who are interested in having their own CNG pump dealership can apply through these important information and can have their own CNG pump dealership.

If you are looking for earning a 6 to 7 digit salary in your business then this is the right post for you because CNG pump dealership will provide you the amount and the future you are expecting from your business. Interested candidates can apply online by filling the online application form for CNG Pump Dealership.

 As per the guidelines of renewable energy policy of 2018, which is led by our Prime minister Mr Narendra Modi, CNG pump dealership is a great opportunity for any individual who are interested in having a dealership of CNG. Any individual who is interested in having a CNG pump dealership of any city , state , district across India can apply for this CNG pump dealership.

Any person who wants to invest in CNG pump dealership and also having any company or business can avail this benefit of having a CNG pump dealership and can expand his own new business. But to invest in CNG pump the person must be :

> A permanent resident of India.

> He/ She must have minimum of 10th pass education qualification.

> His / Her Age limit should be minimum of 21 years to maximum of 55 years.

Profit margin in CNG pump

CNG or compressed natural gas is a cheaper alternative to petrol as we talk about the price. CNG priced at 72.76 per kg in Delhi compared to the petrol which is 102.63 per litre as of 15th November. So if we talk about CNG pump dealership the profit you can see is very high as the actual cost of CNG is priced between 15 to 20 rupees, so the profit margin you get is almost double at what you are selling. Uncommon hikes in gas prices by producers (owing to contracts), CNG prices consistly have been stayed stable. This is because CNG gas is not dependent on crude oil price fluctuations and the taxes are also lower.

IGL CNG pump dealership

Indraprastha Gas limited,  the one of India’s leading natural gas distribution company is planning to add 60 CNG dispenser stations and providing piped cooking gas connection to minimum 200000 households for this financial year. There are some eligibility criteria, which you have to fill before applying for IGL CNG pump dealership. :

* The individual should be a permanent resident of India is eligible to take IGL CNG pump dealership

* The educational qualification should be of minimum 10th class passed out so which one of you having completed the degree of 10th standard are eligible to apply for IGL CNG pump dealership online.

* Interested candidates whose age is between minimum of 21 years to maximum 55 years are eligible

* If you are having the knowledge of safety at work place or you are having any the talent of entrepreneurship, then you will get preference in getting IGL CNG  pump dealership.

* You must have your own land because the basic requirement for filing for any CNG pump dealership is land and all your land and plot details should be clear and original.

CNG PUMP Dealership in India

Compressed Natural Gas is an eco – friendly fuel, which can be used for both petrol and diesel vehicles. CNG pumps are not available across India but to some selected cities like Delhi Pune Mumbai Indore Hyderabad Gwalior and the government is gradually planning to increase the pace of growing the number of CNG pumps across India. Any individual can apply for CNG pump dealership in India but with some eligibility criteria:

* The Person must be an Indian citizen.

* Minimum qualification- Matriculation

* Age should Not less than 21 years and maximum of 55 years

* Individual having entrepreneurship skills and safety knowledge are required.

* The individual’s Plot or land must be free from any disputes.

* Land must be in the name of the applicant.

* It should be located and well connected to main road or along highways.

* Site dimensions are- 700 square meters for Light Motor Vehicles (LMVs) with frontage of 25 metres approx., and 1500 square meters for transport Vehicles with frontage of 50 metres approx. some companies demand minimum 1600 sq. mtr. plot with frontage of 35 meters. Hence, refer to company’s brochure as dimension requirements may be different from company to company.

HPCL CNG Pump Dealership

We all know that, there are many candidates who wants to know about HPCL CNG pump dealership. Today we will share you how to open HPCL CNG filling station gas agency dealership for HPCL CNG pump. We all know that, there are very less HPCL CNG pumps in our country. If you complete the eligibility criteria and interested to open HPCL CNG pump dealership.

* HPCL CNG pump dealership can be availed by any Indian resident

* The age should be minimum 21 years to maximum of 55 years of the individual.

* The candidate must have a land or a plot in his own name on which he want to have HPCL CNG pump dealership

* Individual has no land in his/ her name then he can have a NOC from the owner of the land

* For the land the individual must have a lease agreement and registered sale deed.

* The individual must take care if the plot of the land is a farming land then it must be converted to a commercial land for having HPCL CNG pump dealership.